Paul Shoesmith has a wide range of experience of working with schools, suppliers, local authorities and government departments covering all aspects of the use of ICT (Information and Communications Technology).

He is a Director of Paul Shoesmith Consulting Limited and has also been a Director at IET Associates Limited since October 2010, having founded the company with former Becta colleagues Mike Briscoe and Nick Shacklock.

Paul Shoesmith Consulting Limited provides education and technology consultancy in the UK and overseas to a range of organisations operating at national, regional and local level.

IET Associates is a not for profit company, operating as a social enterprise, specialising in advice on the effective use and deployment of technology solutions in education. The company undertakes project commissions, consultancy and conference or training activities in the UK and overseas, and builds and runs ICT leadership networks and professional development programmes for school leaders, including the Leading Leaders Network and the EXite Programme.

As part of his portfolio of work across the two companies, Paul supports the SIF Association with their activity in the UK, and is part of a team advising a national education ICT project in the Gulf region. From 2013 to early 2016 he also coordinated the work of NEN, the Education Network as their Professional Officer.

Paul has been a governor at a primary academy in Worcester since 1999, where he is currently vice-chair of the governing body, chair of the finance committee, and member and director of the Black Pear Academy Trust, and governor and director at a secondary academy, also in Worcester, since November 2013. He is a trustee of the Birmingham eLearning Foundation.

Former work

He joined Becta, a UK government agency which supported all four UK education departments in their strategic ICT developments, as Assistant Director for Technical Policy and Standards in June 2004, and was appointed as Director, Technical Strategy in June 2007. He was responsible for a team that worked with school, local authority and regional broadband consortium staff and industry to develop standards and specifications for school networks and the applications and services that are used on them, and for the National Education Network. The purpose of these standards was to make sure that learners and teachers have access to coherent, reliable and sustainable ICT services which support teaching and learning, and the management of learning. The result should be technology that works first time, every time, for everyone, wherever and whenever they need it.

Before joining Becta Paul worked for Birmingham Education Service for 18 years.  He installed the first computerised management information systems in Birmingham schools in the late 1980s, and was a key part of the project team which subsequently delivered these systems into all 450 Birmingham schools over a four year period.  He had lead responsibility for the implementation of financial systems in schools, and later was responsible for support and technical ICT services for schools.  He subsequently led the design, implementation and management of the Birmingham Grid for Learning network, providing a wide area network including internet access to all of Birmingham’s schools, one of the pathfinder local authorities in the governments National Grid for Learning programme. He was also involved with the West Midlands Regional Broadband Consortium (WMnet), a collaborative group operating across 14 local authorities with over 2,000 schools, and chaired the WMnet Technical Group for 4 years.

Paul became a member of the SIF Association Executive Board in 2008.  In the UK he led the development of a SIF Association Community, supporting proof of concept and pilot activity in Birmingham and Northern Ireland, chaired the UK’s Technical and Infrastructure Working Group and was a founder member and co-chair of the UK management board.  He is keen to further develop the links between the UK and US SIF Association activity, and welcomes the latest developments in Australia and the opportunities that these offer for further international activity with consequent benefits to the wider SIF community.

Paul also represented Becta on the Information Standards Board for Education, Skills and Children’s Services,  JISC Infrastructure and Resources Committee, and the JISC CETIS board.